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Opalis Quick Integration Kit > Configuring Prerequisites

Configuring Prerequisites
Before you can use the objects in this Integration Pack or the Quick Integration Kit Wizard (QIK Wizard), you must define the configuration classes. You will need to know specific information about the assembly or jar file and class that you are invoking, including the assembly, jar file and class names, and any properties that are required to run it.
Note: You must place the assembly or jar file in the

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Opalis Software\Opalis Integration Server\Extensions\Support\QuickIntegrationKit

To configure prerequisites:
In the Opalis Integration Server Client, click the Options menu.
Select the Invoke .NET or Invoke Java item. The Options dialog appears.
Click the Add button. The Invoke .NET Setup or Invoke Java dialog appears.
In the Name field, type a unique name to identify the operation that you will perform when you invoke this assembly or jar file.
In the Assembly or Jar field, type the path and name of the assembly or jar file that you want to invoke, or click the ellipsis button (...) and browse for it.
In the Class field, type the name of the class that you want to invoke, or click the ellipsis button (...) and browse for it.
In the Properties section of the dialog, the properties of the class that you selected appear. Type the properties for each class in the field beside each property name.
Note: If your class contains a password parameter, text that you type for the password parameter is disguised. You can use alpha-numeric characters in password parameter fields, but you cannot use both in the same parameter.
Click OK. The Options dialog appears.
Continue adding configurations until you are finished.
Click Finish.
To edit or remove a configuration, select the configuration and click Edit or Remove.

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