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Opalis Integration Pack for UNIX > Interacting with UNIX computers

Interacting with UNIX computers
The objects in this Integration Pack are installed on an Action Server that runs on a Microsoft Windows computer and interact with UNIX computers using the Opalis UNIX Agent, or SSH, depending on which object you use.
Opalis Software Inc. has created an Opalis UNIX Agent for each type of UNIX that this Integration Pack supports. You must install the correct type of Opalis UNIX Agent on the UNIX computer that you are going to interact with. Installation instructions for each type of agent are provided in the Readme for this Integration Pack. For a current list of which types of UNIX are supported, see the Opalis Software Inc. web site.
It is highly recommended to use an SSH Tunnel to connect to the Opalis Unix Agent. Opalis recommends locking down the Opalis Unix Agent port (default 8080) to local connections only. This provide the highest security between the Opalis Unix Agent and the Opalis Action Servers.
The following table shows which objects connect to the UNIX computer using the Opalis UNIX Agent, and which ones connect using SSH:
Opalis UNIX Agent Connection
SSH Connection
Run Program
Get File Status
Monitor File
Monitor Folder
Add Line
Copy File
Create Folder
Delete File
Delete Folder
Delete Line
Get Line
Insert Line
Move File
Rename File
Replace Text
Restart System
Search Text
Communication between Opalis Integration Server and the Opalis UNIX Agent is encrypted using SSL. For more information, see Security Requirements.
Tip: Plan ahead. Determine which objects you will use on which UNIX computers, and ensure that you have installed the Opalis UNIX Agent on the computers where it is needed.

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