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Restart System
The Restart System object is used to restart that UNIX computer that this object is connected to.
How it is used
Use the Restart System object to restart the computer as part of a regular maintenance program.
To configure the Restart System object you need to know the name and log-in credentials for the computer that you want to restart, and the warning prompt text that will appear on that computer before it is restarted.
Details tab
Type the text that you want to appear to the user that is currently logged in to the computer that you are shutting down. This text should warn the user that the computer is about to be restarted.
Delay (seconds)
To delay restarting the computer, type the length of delay in seconds. This object will wait until that time has elapsed before restarting the computer
Force restart
Check this check box to force a restart no matter what activity is in progress on the computer.
Connection tab
You must configure a connection to a UNIX computer before you can use this object. To configure a connection, see Connecting to a UNIX Server for instructions.
Select the connection name that you want to use from the Server drop-down list.
Available Published Data
The output from the executed SSH command.
Status Message
The status message for this object.
Message to display
The text of the message prompt that will appear to users warning them that the computer is about to be restarted.
Restart Delay
The amount of time in seconds that this object waits after triggering before restarting the computer.
Force Restart
The status of the Force Restart check box. If set to “true”, the computer will be restarted no matter what activity is in progress when this object is triggered. Otherwise, the status is set to “false”.
Common Published Data

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