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Delete Folder
The Delete Folder object is used to delete a folder.
How it is used
Use the Delete Folder object to delete a temporary folder when it is no longer needed.
To configure the Delete Folder object you need to know the path of the folder that you want to delete, and what to do if there are still files in the folder.
Details tab
Type the path of the folder that you want to delete.
Select an option to determine what to do if there are files in the folder that you want to delete:
Delete the folder only if it is empty – delete the folder if there are no files or sub-folders in it.
Delete only the empty sub-folders – delete empty sub-folders and keep sub-folders that contain files or sub-folders.
Delete all files and sub-folders – delete the folder even if it contains files and sub-folders.
Connection tab
You must configure a connection to a UNIX computer before you can use this object. To configure a connection, see Connecting to a UNIX Server for instructions.
Select the connection name that you want to use from the Server drop-down list.
Available Published Data
The output from the executed SSH command.
Status Message
The status message for this object.
Base folder to start deletion
The base folder that you are deleting. For example, Folder1 is the base folder of an operation where you are deleting /tmp/Folder1/sub1 and /tmp/Folder1/sub2.
Folder Name
The name of the folder that you are deleting.
Operation Status
If the operation fails, the status displays “Failed”. If the operation succeeds, the status is empty.
Common Published Data

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