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Add Line
The Add Line object is used to add lines of text to a text file.
How it is used
Use the Add Line object to store success and failure messages in a text file for future reference.
To configure the Add Line object, you need to know the path and filename that you want to append to, and the text that you want to append to the file.
Details tab
Type the path and filename of the file that you want to append the text to.
Type the text that you want to append to the file, or insert a Published Data item.
Connection tab
You must configure a connection to a UNIX computer before you can use this object. To configure a connection, see Connecting to a UNIX Server for instructions.
Select the connection name that you want to use from the Server drop-down list.
Available Published Data
The output from the executed SSH command.
Status Message
The status message for this object.
File name with path
The full path and filename of the text file that was appended to.
Full text of the file
The full text of the file including the text that was appended.
Line Text
The text that was appended to the file.
Number of lines
The total number of lines in the text file after this text was appended.
Common Published Data

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