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Opalis Integration Pack for HP OpenView Operations (Solaris) > System Requirements

System Requirements
The following is required to install the Opalis Integration Pack for HP OpenView Operations:
Opalis Integration Server 5.1
Opalis Daemon for HP OpenView Operations installed on the HP OpenView Operations server
The Set Scheduled Outage object requires an ‘outage’ file to be created in the ‘/etc/opt/OV/share/conf/OpC/mgmt_sv/respmgrs’ folder of the HP OpenView Operations server. You can find a sample of this file in the HP OpenView Operations sample directory.
The Monitor Message object requires the Message Stream Interface to be configured on your OpenView Operations server using the Administrator console. You must select the Enable Output in the Message Stream Interface option and it must be configured to Send All Messages to Server MSI. Make sure that Copy Messages is selected.
The Integration Pack for HP OpenView Operations requires the Oracle 9 client (with all of the latest patches applied) or the Oracle 10 client with OCI installed on the Action Server computer. The service name must be configured to the OpenView Operations database. You also must add the OCI DLLs to the PATH environment variable. In a typical installation of the Oracle 9i client these DLLs will be located in 'C:\oracle\ora92\bin'.
Daemon on Solaris:
HP OpenView Operations 8 for Sparc Solaris Version 9
The ITOSOL_00403 and ITOSOL_00438 patches must be applied to your HP OpenView Operations server.
Oracle OCI must be installed on the HP OpenView Operations server. The following environment variables must be configured. See the Oracle documentation for information about configuring the environment variables.
The libgcc-3.4.1-sol9-sparc-local.gz package must be installed. This can be downloaded from the Sun website.
The following files must be located under the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable. The paths in parentheses describe the typical location for each file. (/opt/OV/lib) (/opt/OV/lib) (/opt/OV/lib) (/opt/OV/lib) (/opt/oracle/product/9.2.0/lib32)
Note: The Set Policy Template object is not supported on HP OpenView Operations version 7.1

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