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Opalis Integration Pack for IBM Tivoli Storage Manager > Objects > Monitor Backup

Monitor Backup
The Monitor Backup object is used to monitor a backup job and trigger a policy when the status has changed.
How it is used
Use the Monitor Backup object to watch for a backup job to fail so that it can be automatically remediated and restarted or notify an administrator.
To configure the Monitor Backup object, you need to know what attributes of the backup job you are expecting.
Details tab
Click the ellipsis button (...) and browse for the name of the connection that you want use.
Type the frequency, in seconds, that you want to poll the IBM TSM system.
You will use filters that you create with custom criteria to monitor backup jobs. Perform the following for each filter that you want to create:
Click Add. The Select Filter dialog appears.
From the Name drop-down list, select the name of the backup property that you want to use.
Select options from the Relation field.
Type or select the Value that is being compared against.
Click OK.
Available Published Data
Actual start date/time
The start date and time of the backup job.
Schedule completed
Determines that the backup is completed.
Node name
The node where the backup job was or is running.
Schedule policy domain
The name of the Schedule policy domain.
The reason the backup job completed.
Schedule result
The result of the backup job.
Schedules name
The name of the backup job
Schedule start date/time
The start date and time that the backup job was scheduled to start.
Schedule status
The current status of the schedule.
TSM Connection
The name of the connection that was selected.
Common Published Data