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Opalis Integration Pack for HP OpenView Operations Service Desk > Objects > Create Change

Create Change
The Create Change object creates a new change item in HP OpenView Operations Service Desk.
How it is used
Use the Create Change object to automatically post a new change incident when a new event is detected by your monitoring system.
To configure the Create Change object you need to know the details of the change item that you are creating.
Details tab
Provide information for all the fields listed on this tab. These fields are mandatory.
Advanced tab
The fields listed in this tab are optional. When specifying values for these fields, it is important to know the dependencies between fields so that you can enter values where they are appropriate.
To add or remove fields from the Advanced tab:
Click Select Fields. The Select Fields dialog is displayed.
Select the fields that you want to make configurable in the Available fields list and click >> to add them to the Selected fields list.
To remove fields that have already been added, select them in the Selected fields list and click <<.
Available Published Data
Login server
The name of the HP OpenView Operations Service Desk server computer.
Login port
The port number used to communicate with the HP OpenView Operations Service Desk server.
Login username
The name of the user used to login to the HP OpenView Operations Service Desk server.
Common Published Data

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