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Secured FTP Communication
The objects contained in the Integration Pack for FTP provide the ability to communicate with FTP servers that support different flavors of the FTPS security protocol as well as the SFTP protocol. When setting the security of an FTP object to an FTPS server, the object automatically accepts any certificates or keys that are submitted by the server. Whether you are using unsecured or secured FTP, make sure that you are connecting to a trusted server.
The Opalis Integration Pack for FTP allows you to specify an SSH private key to use when communicating with an SFTP server. All Integration Pack for FTP objects that are set for SFTP communciation and have the Use Key option selected use the same private key.
To select the SSH private key:
In the Opalis Integration Server Client, click the Options menu and then click FTP. The FTP Settings dialog appears.
In the Private key field, type the path of the SSH private key file that will be used to connect to the SFTP server. You can also use the ellipsis (...) button to browse for the file.
In the Passphrase and Confirm field, type the passphrase that is associated with the SSH private key file. If there is no passphrase associated with the key file, leave this field blank.
Optionally, you can click Verify to verify the credentials against the key you have specified.
Click OK.

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