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FTPS Options
FTPS is union of regular FTP and the Secure Sockets Layer and Transport Layer Security protocols. SSL is a protocol for encrypting and decrypting data across a secure connection from an FTP CAP operator to an FTP server. For each FTP CAP operator, there are four FTPS settings that can be chosen. The one that you select is dependant on your FTP server configuration.
Implicit (passive)
A secure connection is established as soon as the FTP operator connects to a FTP server. The FTP server defines a specific port to be used for secure connections. You cannot connect to the server that is configured with implicit SSL using unsecured FTP.
Explicit (active)
A secure communication channel is established after making the initial connection to the FTP server. There are two channels that can be secured in the FTP communication. The Control channel is used to send FTP commands to the server; all results of the command, except for files, are also sent along this channel. The Data channel is the communication channel used to transfer files between the server and the FTP operators. Each channel can be secured individually or together. A server that is configured for explicit SSL is also able to connect using unsecured FTP; however, this ability is dependant on how the FTP server has been configured.

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