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Opalis Integration Pack for BMC Remedy AR System > Handling Attachments

Handling Attachments
This Integration Pack enables you to process attachments that have been added to Remedy AR System forms.
First, select a folder on any computer in your network where you want to save attachments. For instructions, see step 10 in the “Configuring BMC Remedy AR System Server Options” topic. If you do not select an attachments folder, attachments will be saved to the system temporary folder. The system temporary folder is defined in the Microsoft Windows System Variables configuration, and is specified in either the TMP, TEMP, or USERPROFILE environment variable, or if none of these have been configured, in the Windows folder.
Each object in this Integration Pack enables you to select the Remedy AR System fields that you want to convert into Published Data items (click the Select Published Data button on a Properties dialog). When you select a field that contains an attachment, a Published Data item is created. This Published Data item reveals the path of the attachment, and saves the attachment to to the path that you specified, or to the system temporary path. The attachment is assigned a filename that is a combination of the Remedy AR System entry ID, the Remedy AR System entry number, a dash, and the original filename. The original file type and extension are preserved. The name of this Published Data item is determined by the name assigned to the field in the form in BMC Remedy AR System.
Attachment files are not deleted automatically from the attachments folder. You must configure a Delete File object to delete the files from the attachments folder to keep the folder clear.

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