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PATROL Groups > Objects > Create Event

Create Event
The Create Event object is used to create a new event on the PATROL agent.
How it is used
The Create Event object can be used to create a new event on the PATROL agent in response to events that occur elsewhere in BMC PATROL.
To configure the Create Event object you need to know the name of the managed system where the new event will be created, and the origin, type, and severity of the event.
Details tab
Managed system
Type the name of the managed system where this event will be created. You can use the ellipsis (…) to browse for the managed system.
Type the origin of this event.
Select the type of the event being created.
Type the severity level of this event. The Create Event object does not support severity level 1.
Type a description for this event.
Note: The Create Event object will automatically set the catalog of the event to STANDARD and the class to 41.
Available Published Data
Managed system
The name of the managed system where the event was created. The managed system is a combination of the computer name and the port delimited with an underscore (_).
Source ID
The ID of the client session where the event was generated.
Computer name
The name of the computer where the managed system is located.
The name of the port that is used to communicate with the managed system.
User name
The user name used to log into the managed system.
Catalog name
The name of the catalog that this event belongs to.
Class name
The name of the event class.
Event origin
The name of the monitored object that caused the event.
Event severity
The severity of the event.
Type description
The description of the event type that was assigned to this event.
Event description
The description text of the event.
Common Published Data