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Opalis Integration Pack for BMC PATROL > Adding PATROL Agents

Adding PATROL Agents
The Integration Pack for BMC PATROL provides a single location to specify the connection information to your PATROL agents. You must add the connection information for any agents that you want to manipulate using the Integration Pack for BMC PATROL.
To add a BMC PATROL agent:
In the Opalis Integration Server Client, click the Options menu and select the BMC PATROL menu. The BMC PATROL Settings dialog appears.
Click the Agents tab.
Click Default Credentials. The Default credentials dialog appears. If you do not want to configure default credentials, skip to step 7.
In the User name field, type a default user name to use when connecting to PATROL agents.
In the Password field, type the password that is associated with the user name that you specified.
Click OK. The BMC PATROL Settings dialog appears.
Click Add. The Managed system dialog appears.
In the Name field, type a name that will be used to refer to this connection in all other Integration Pack for BMC Patrol objects.
In the Computer field, type the name of the PATROL agent. You can also use the ellipsis () button to browse for the computer.
In the Port field, type the port that is used to communicate with the PATROL agent. The default value is 3181.
Do one of the following:
Select Use default credentials to use the default credentials that you configured in steps 3 to 5.
Unselect Use default credentials and type the user name and password that will be used with this agent in the respective fields.
Click OK. The entry is added to the Managed Systems list. A name will be assigned to the managed system with the value “agentname_portnumber”. When you select the managed system in the Integration Pack for BMC PATROL objects, you must use this name.
Note: The user that you specify must have the appropriate rights to create, view, and modify events, as well as suspend or resume applications.