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Opalis Integration Server > Foundation Objects > File Management > Move Folder

Move Folder
The Move Folder object moves a folder and its sub-folders from one directory to another. You can also move folders to network shares that are available using UNC paths.
How it is used
Use the Move Folder object to take files from a local or network folder made publicly available as an FTP location and move them to an internal folder.
To configure the Move Folder object you need to know which folders you are moving and the destination path that they will be moved to.
Details Tab
Type the path of the folder that you want to move, or click the ellipsis button (...) and browse for it. You can use the '*' and '?' wildcards to specify the folder name. These wildcards behave in the same way as the Windows Command Prompt.
Type the path and name that you want to move the folder to, or click the ellipsis button (...) and browse for it.
Note: The Move Folder object does not support * and ? wildcards.
Available Published Data
Origin name of the folder
The path of the original folder that was moved.
Destination name of the folder
The destination folder where the folder was moved to.
New folder path
The new path of the folder that was moved.
Common Published Data

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