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Monitor Performance
The Monitor Performance object triggers Policies when the Windows performance counters of the computer has exceeded the thresholds that you have configured. One Monitor Performance object is able to monitor multiple performance counters simultaneously.
How it is used
The Monitor Performance object can execute Policies that will take action when CPU or Memory usage reaches undesired levels such as resetting the computer or shutting down services that are taking up too much memory.
To configure the Monitor Performance object you will first need to determine the computer you are monitoring as well as the performance metrics you want to react to.
Details Tab
To add a filter, specify all the values listed and click Add. To change the values of an existing filter, double click it, change its values and click Add. To remove a filter, select it and click Remove.
Type the name of the computer whose performance you are monitoring. You can also browse for the computer using the ellipsis (...) button. The Action Server that runs this Policy must have the appropriate rights to monitor the Windows performance counters on that computer.
Object, Counter, and Instance
All these options are selected by browsing the performance counters that are available on the computer that you are monitoring.
Click the ellipsis (...) button. The Counters From dialog appears.
Select the Object that is generating the counter.
Select the Counter that contains the information you want to measure.
Select the Instance of the counter.
Select the relation that will be used to compare the value of the performance counter to the Value that you specify.
Type the value that will be compared against the performance counter value
Advanced Tab
Trigger only when the threshold is passed
Select to trigger only when the performance counters change from below the threshold of all the filters to above the threshold of all the filters. See below for examples of this behavior.
Type the number of seconds to wait between each measurement of the counters.
The Monitor Performance object is set trigger if the CPU time goes above 70% and to check every 30 seconds. The Result - Threshold and Result - No Threshold columns show the results when the Trigger only when the threshold is passed option is selected or unselected respectively.
Is CPU time greater than 70%?
Result - Threshold
Result - No Threshold
Do not trigger Policy
Do not trigger Policy
Trigger Policy
Trigger Policy
Do not trigger Policy
Trigger Policy
Do not trigger Policy
Trigger Policy
Do not trigger Policy
Do not trigger Policy
Trigger Policy
Trigger Policy
Available Published Data
Counter name
The name of the performance counter being monitored.
The computer where the performance is being monitored.
Counter instance
The name of the instance of the performance counter that is being monitored.
Counter value
The value of the performance counter instance.
Number of instances for the counter
The total number of counter instances for that performance counter.
Common Published Data

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