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Monitor Disk Space
The Monitor Disk Space object will trigger a Policy when the disk space on a computer passes a critical threshold. You can monitor multiple drives on different computers with a single Monitor Disk Space object.
How it is used
The Monitor Disk Space object can be used to trigger policies that will automatically backup and purge files on a hard drive that is running out of space.
To configure the Monitor Disk Space object you will need to know the drives that you want to monitor, the computer where those drives are located, and the threshold values that you are monitoring for.
Details Tab
The list displays all the disk space conditions that have been configured for the Monitor Disk Space object.
To add a disk space condition:
Click Add. A new condition appears in the list.
Click on each underlined portion of the disk space condition and change the values to specify the drive, relation, size, and units that will make up the rule.
To remove a disk space condition, select it and click Remove.
Note: The Action Server that runs this Policy must have the appropriate rights to check the process on the computer that you are monitoring.
Test Interval
Specify the amount of time in seconds between each test of the disk space on the systems that you have specified. The Monitor Disk Space object will only trigger every time the size of the drive goes from within the threshold to outside of the threshold. For more information see the Test Frequency Example below.
Test Frequency Example
The Monitor Disk Space object is set to test every 30 seconds.
All Disks are Passed Threshold?
Do not trigger Policy
Trigger Policy
Do not trigger Policy
Do not trigger Policy
Trigger Policy
Available Published Data
The name of the computer where the drive is being monitored.
The drive that is being monitored.
Percentage of Space available
The percentage of the entire drive capacity that is available.
MB available
The number of megabytes available on the drive.
GB available
The number of gigabytes available on the drive.
Test interval
The number of seconds between each test of the disk space.
Common Published Data

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