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Monitor Counter
The Monitor Counter object triggers a Policy when a Counter has reached a value that you specify. Each Monitor Counter object monitors one Counter.
Note: Before you can use this object, you must configure a Counter. See Counters for instructions. To modify a counter, use the Modify Counter object.
How it is used
Use the Monitor Counter object to monitor a Counter that counts the number of times that a Policy has attempted to start a service. When that number reaches the number that you configure in the Monitor Counter object, the Monitor Counter object can trigger a Send Email object to notify an administrator to investigate the problem.
To configure the Monitor Counter object you need to know which Counter you will be monitoring and the value that will trigger the Policy.
Details Tab
The list displays all the Counter conditions that have been configured for the Monitor Counter object.
To add a Counter condition:
Click Add. A new condition appears in the list.
Click on each underlined portion of the Counter condition and change the values to specify the Counter, relation, and the value that will make up the rule.
To remove a Counter condition, select it and click Remove.
Available Published Data
Counter Value
The value of the counter being monitored.
Common Published Data

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