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Modify Counter
The Modify Counter will increment, decrement a Counter as well as reset it to its default value or set it to a value that you specify.
Note: The current value of a Counter is specific for every Policy that uses that Counter. The first time a Counter is used, the default value that has been specified in the Counters configuration will be used. You can only modify the value of Counters within a Policy using the Modify Counter object.
How it is used
Wherever you need to update the value of a Counter, use the Modify Counter object to update its value.
To configure the Get Counter Value object you will need to know which Counter you will be updating and what type of update will be made.
Details Tab
Click the ellipsis (...) button to select the Counter that you are retrieving.
Select how you want the value of the Counter to be changed:
Increment - add the Step value to the value of the Counter.
Decrement - subtract the Step value from the value of the Counter.
Set - set the value of the Counter to the Step value.
Reset - reset the value of the Counter to the default value.
The value that is used by the Increment, Decrement, or Set action.
Available Published Data
Counter Value
The value of the counter.
Common Published Data

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