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The Junction object will allow you to wait for multiple branches in a Policy to complete before continuing past the junction. Also, the Junction can republish data from any branch so that downstream objects past the Junction object can consume the data. Data from different branches than the one you selected will not be available.
Note: You can choose “None” to propagate no data from any of the branches previous to the Junction object. In this scenario the object following the Junction will run once, regardless of the data provided in previous objects.
The following example shows a Monitor File object that waits for files to be added to a folder. When the files are added two branches in the policy will copy the file to a new location and, at the same time, read the lines of the files and add them to master file. The Junction object waits for all these to complete and then propogates the data from the Copy File branch and the Delete File object will delete the original files.
When configuring the Trigger Policy object, you need to know which branch will continue on. the Policy you are triggering.
Details Tab
Republish Data From
Click the ellipsis (...) button and select the object whose data you want to republish to the objects that following the Junction. Choose None to propogate no data to the objects following the Junction.
Available Published Data
Selected branch
The object that was selected to have its data republished.
Common Published Data

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