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Opalis Integration Server > Foundation Objects > Monitoring > Get Disk Space Status

Get Disk Space Status
The Get Disk Space Status object will retrieve the current amount of available disk space on a UNC path or local disk drive that you specify.
How it is used
The Get Disk Space Status object can be used to check the space of a destination folder before transferring files to that location.
To configure the Get Disk Space Status object you will need to know the UNC path or local drive that you want to check.
Details Tab
Type the name of the computer that you want disk space information for.
Drive or UNC path
Type the drive path or UNC path that you want to check. To specify a local drive path include the colon and backslash. For example, to specify the C drive type "C:\". If you specify a local drive path, the Action Server that runs the Policy will check its local drive. The Action Server that runs this Policy must have the appropriate rights to check the process on the computer that you are checking the disk space status of.
Available Published Data
The drive that is being monitored.
Percentage of Space available
The percentage of the entire drive capacity that is available.
MB available
The number of megabytes available on the drive.
GB available
The number of gigabytes available on the drive.
Common Published Data

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