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Opalis Integration Server > Foundation Objects > Communication > Get Dial-up Status

Get Dial-up Status
The Get Dial-up Status object will check the status of a VPN or Dial-up connection and determine if it is connected.
How it is used
The Get Dial-up Status can be used to check the status of a VPN or dial-up connection and trigger Connect/Disconnect Dial-up object to re-establish the connection or to disconnect it.
To configure the Get Dial-up Status object you will need to know the dial-up connection that you want to check.
Connection Tab
Dial-up or VPN entry
Type the name of the Dial-up or VPN entry that you want check. You can use the ellipsis (...) button to browse the available connections.
Available Published Data
Dial-up or VPN name
The name of the Dial-up or VPN connection that was checked.
Line status
The current connection status of the network connection.
Common Published Data

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