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Delete Folder
The Delete Folder object will delete a folder, sub-folders under a folder, or the entire folder tree of a directory on the local file system or a network location specified via UNC path.
Note: This object has been replaced by the updated Delete Folder object. Please remove this object from your Policies and replace it with the new one as soon as possible.
How it is used
The Delete Folder object can be used to delete temporary folders that created during the execution of a Policy or it can be used to purge data that has been recently archived.
To configure the Delete Folder object you will need to know the name of the folder that you are targeting and whether you want to delete the entire tree, the sub-folders only, or just the directory itself.
Details Tab
Type the path of the folder that you are targeting.
Delete the folder only if it is empty
Select to delete the folder specified in the path as long as it does not have any files or sub-folders within it.
Delete only the empty sub-folders
Select to delete all the sub-folders beneath the folder specified in the path as long as there are no files contained within the sub-folders.
Delete all files and sub-folders
Select to delete the entire directory tree including the folder specified in the path.
Available Published Data
Folder name
The path of the folder that was deleted.
Folder pattern to match
The pattern used to find the sub-folder that was deleted.
Base Folder to start deletion from
The Path that was specified on the Details tab.
Common Published Data

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