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Opalis Integration Server > Global Settings > Counters

When building Policies you may find that there are values that need to be incremented. For example, keeping track of the number of backup attempts that was made by a Policy. Counters enable you to modify and check the status of a number that you can use to keep track of important statistics.
Note: Counters can only be modified and read by the Modify Counter object and the Get Counter Value object, respectively.
To create a counter:
Click the Counters folder or a sub-folder of the Counters folder.
Click . The New Counter dialog appears.
Type a Name for the Counter.
Type a Description that explains what the Counter is for.
Type the Default Value of the Counter. This will be the starting value of the Counter when it is created or reset.
To modify a Counter, double-click the Counter.
To remove a Counter, select it and press Delete.
You can group Counters into folders to organize them. To create a folder, click the Counters folder and click .

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