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Opalis Integration Server > Building Policies > Connecting to a Management Server

Connecting to a Management Server
The Client connects to one Management Server at a time.
When you close the Client and open it again at a later session, it attempts to connect to the same Management Server that you used in the previous session.
If you want to switch to a different Management Server, you must disconnect from the current one and then connect to the other one. Follow the instructions below.
If your Client does not show a connection to a Management Server, you must initiate one manually. Follow the instructions below.
Note: You must have DCOM permissions on the Management Server to connect
To connect to a Management Server:
Open the Client by clicking Start > All Programs > Opalis Software > Opalis Integration Server > Opalis Integration Server Client.
Click the button. The Connection dialog appears.
Type the name of the computer where the Management Server that you are connecting to is located and click Connect.
To disconnect from a Management Server, select it in the Connections window and click .

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