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Opalis Integration Server > Foundation Objects > Configuring Objects

Configuring Objects
To enable the objects in Opalis Integration Server to interact with other systems and applications, you must configure them with the appropriate options, connection information, and more.
To configure an object, double-click it. The Properties dialog for that object appears. The Properties dialog changes its name according to the object that you are configuring. For example, if you double-clicked the Send Email object, the Properties dialog appears and displays the name Send Email Properties.
To view the online help for that object, click the Help button on the Properties dialog.
In some fields, you can open a pop-up window and type in the window instead of in the field. This can make it easier for you to type the information, especially if you are typing more characters than the field allows you to see. Right-click in a field and select the Expand option. When you have finished typing in the pop-up window, click OK to return to the Properties dialog.

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