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Opalis Integration Server > Using the Client > Client Configuration

Client Configuration
The Client Configuration dialog enables you to configure check-in and check-out behavior and toggle the visibility of link labels.
Show link labels
Display the name of the link when hovering your cursor over a link. This text comes from the Name field on the General tab of the link’s Properties dialog.
Show tooltips
Display tooltips when hovering your cursor over an object in a Policy. Tooltips display the text from the Description field on the General tab of the object’s Properties dialog.
Show Legacy Objects (requires Client restart)
Select this option to show the Legacy objects in the Objects palette. The Legacy objects have been replaced by new File Management and Text File Management objects. The Legacy objects are available to ensure a smooth transition from the Legacy objects to their replacements. Opalis Software Inc. recommends that you replace the Legacy objects in your Policies with the new ones as soon as possible.
Automatic check out
The Client automatically checks the Policy out when the user begins to edit a Policy.
Prompt for comment on check in
Display the Comment dialog whenever a user checks in a Policy.
Allow empty comment on check in
Allow the user to leave the Comment dialog blank when prompted during a check-in operation.

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