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Opalis Integration Server > Foundation Objects > Utilities > Generate Random Text

Generate Random Text
The Generate Random Text object is used to generate random strings of text.
To configure the Generate Random Text object, you need to know the attributes of the random text string that you want to generate.
Details tab
Text Length
Type the number of characters that you want the string to include, for example, 45.
Text Contents
Select the options for the items that you want the Generate Random Text object to include in the random text string. In the Minimum Quantity field for each option that you select, type the minimum number of these characters that you want to include in the string. The total of all Mimimum Quantity fields must not be more than the number you typed in the Text Length field.
Lower-Case Characters
Upper-Case Characters
Available Published Data
Random text
The string of random text that this object creates.
Random text length
The length of the text that was generated.
Common Published Data

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