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Opalis Integration Server includes the following main components:
Action Server - The engine that runs Policies. Action Servers communicate with the Datastore. Action Servers do not require a Management Server to be online to be able to run Policies. You can deploy a single Action Server or multiple ones.
Management Server - The central manager of Clients, Action Servers, Policies, the Policy Testing Console, and the Self Monitoring functionality. The Management Server deploys Opalis Integration Server Integration Packs to Action Servers and Clients, deploys Policies to Action Servers, and acts as a communication link between the Clients, the Action Servers, and the Datastore.
Client - The tool used by designers to create, modify, and deploy Policies.
Policy Testing Console – The tool used by designers to test Policies that are developed in the Client before they are deployed.
Operator Console - The Operator Console enables you to see which Policies are currently running, view their real-time status, and start or stop them from a browser console interface.
Datastore - The Datastore is the Oracle or SQL Server database where configuration information, Policies, and logs are stored.
Figure I: The Opalis Integration Server architecture

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