Add product knowledge to the objects in your management pack to help the Operations Manager user resolve issues that are discovered in their environments by describing the issue and suggesting a resolution. The following steps show you how to create product knowledge for a monitor that will include a link to the task you created in the How to Create Tasks topic.

Add product knowledge

  1. Open the monitor you created by doing the following:

    • Select the Health Model space.

    • Expand the Health Model node in the navigation tree on the upper left side of the screen, if necessary, and then click Monitors.

    • Expand the AuthoringConsole.MyFirstMP.LOBApplication node in the Monitors view, and then expand the System.Health.AvailabilityState node, where you will see the monitor you created – AuthoringConsole.MyFirstMP.MonitorConnectionState.

    • Open the properties for the AuthoringConsole.MyFirstMP.MonitorConnectionState monitor by right-clicking it, and then clicking Properties, or by clicking it and then clicking Properties in the Actions pane on the left side of the window.

  2. In the Properties dialog box, click the Product Knowledge tab, and then click Edit to open Microsoft Word with a Knowledge Article template.

  3. Add the appropriate information in the Summary and Resolutions sections.

  4. You can now add a link to a task that can be launched directly from the product knowledge in the Operations Manager Operations console. Using the drop-down lists in the Document Actions bar to the right:

    • Set the Link type to Task.

    • Set the Link to Fix LOB Application.

    • Make sure the Name is set to Fix LOB Application.

    • Click the Add Link button. A link with the text “Fix LOB Application” will appear at the location of the caret in the Word document.

  5. Save the product knowledge by clicking File, and then clicking Save to Operations Manager. Microsoft Word will close, and the summary and resolutions content you just entered appear in the text box in the Product Knowledge tab.

  6. Click OK to save the product knowledge for the monitor.

  7. Save the management pack by clicking File, and then clicking Save from the main authoring console menu.

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