You can use views to filter and group data gathered by Operations Manager to make the data easier to understand. The following steps show how to create a view for the health of the sample application.

This topic assumes that you are using the management pack created in the How to Create a Management Pack With a Discovery Using the Windows Registry Template topic and subsequent topics.

Creating a view

  1. In the main window of the authoring console, click the Presentation space, click Views, and then right-click in the Views list and click New and then Folder from the context menu.

  2. Change the Element ID of the new folder to AuthoringConsole.MyFirstMP.LOBApplication.ViewFolder

  3. Change the Display name of the folder to LOB Application

  4. On the Folder tab, select the root folder, then click OK.

  5. Right-click anywhere in the Views list, click New, and then click State View.

  6. Enter AuthoringConsole.MyFirstMP.LOBApplicationState as the value for the Element ID.

  7. Enter LOB Application State in the Display Name field.

  8. In the Target drop-down list, click AuthoringConsole.MyFirstMP.LOBApplication, and then click Finish to return to the Views list.

  9. Right-click the view you created, and then click Properties, click the Folder tab

  10. In the folders tab, select the folder you just created. Note that it’s possible to select more than one folder in which the view appears. In this case, de-select the root folder if necessary so that only the AuthoringConsole.MyFirstMP.LOBApplication.ViewFolder is selected, and then click Apply.

  11. Save the management pack by select File and Save from the authoring console menu.

You have now created a view that you can use to easily see information collected about the sample application.

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