A resource pool is a collection of management servers that distribute work amongst themselves and take over work from a failed member. Resource pools ensure the continuity of monitoring by providing multiple management servers that can take on monitoring workflows if one of the management servers becomes unavailable.

You can use resource pools to monitor:

When Operations Manager is installed, three resource pools are created:

All management servers and gateway servers are automatically members of these resource pools. If you add a management server or gateway server to a management group, the new server is added to those three resource pools.

When you configure network device monitoring or UNIX and Linux monitoring, you can choose between the automatic resource pools that are provided, or you can select a resource pool that you create.

Resource pools that you create can contain one or more management servers or gateway servers. Although you can create a resource pool that contains only one management server, that resource pool does not provide high availability because there are no other pool members to fail over to.

You can create resource pools for specific purposes. For example, you might create a resource pool of management servers that are located in the same geographic area to provide network device monitoring. Use the Create a Resource Pool Wizard to create resource pools with a membership that you can control to use for specific monitoring purposes.

You must explicitly add management servers and gateway servers to any resource pools that you create. You cannot add groups to a resource pool.

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