The Monitoring workspace is where you can see what is going on in your monitoring environment and is the primary workspace for operators. It contains views, diagrams, and dashboard views that compile and present useful information that Operations Manager has gathered.

When you first open the Monitoring workspace or when you click Monitoring in the navigation pane, the Monitoring Overview opens, which displays a summary of health states and alerts as shown in the following illustration.

Monitoring overview summarizes alert status

For details, you can click any of the numbers in the overview, which opens a state view of the selected category. For example, clicking 1 in the Critical row for Computer Health in the illustration above opens a state view of all computers with a critical health state.

A state view displays the health state of selected objects. State views that you open in the Monitoring Overview open in a new window.

Numerous views are provided in the navigation pane upon initial installation, and management packs that you import can add views. You can also create your own views. The icon next to each view in the navigation pane tells you which view type the view uses, as shown in the following illustration.

Icons associated with each view type

For more information about the views in the Monitoring workspace, see the following topics in the Operations Guide:

In most views, you can select an object in the results pane, such as a computer, and then open Health Explorer from the tasks pane. For more information, see About Health Explorer.

Operations Manager generates alerts to inform you of issues and problems in your monitoring environment. For more information about alerts, see Managing Alerts in Operations Manager  in the Operations Guide. You can create notification subscriptions to specific alerts in the Monitoring workspace. For more information, see Subscribing to Alert Notifications in the Operations Guide.

In the Monitoring workspace, you also can suspend monitoring temporarily for specific computers and devices by using maintenance mode. For more information about how to use maintenance mode, see How to Suspend Monitoring Temporarily by Using Maintenance Mode in the Operations Guide.

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