The credentials for discovering UNIX and Linux computers, and for installing agents on them, are specified only in the Computer and Device Management Wizard and are not associated with any Run As accounts or Run As profiles. The credentials must already be established on the UNIX or Linux computer.

The terms privileged and unprivileged refer to the following security concepts for a UNIX or Linux computer:

If you have to discover only UNIX and Linux computers that already have an agent installed, rather than installing an agent, you can use an unprivileged user account on the UNIX or Linux computer. If you have to install an agent, you must use a privileged account. If you do not have a privileged account, you can elevate an unprivileged account to a privileged account provided that the su or sudo elevation program has been configured on the UNIX or Linux computer for the user account. For more information about accessing UNIX and Linux computers and using elevation, see Accessing UNIX and Linux Computers in Operations Manager. For detailed instructions on specifying credentials, see the “Credentials for Discovering UNIX and Linux Computers” section in Setting Credentials for Accessing UNIX and Linux Computers.

Consult the system administrator in charge of the UNIX or Linux computers if you do not know which credentials to specify.

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