Securing web service endpoints

Client-side monitoring adds a web service endpoint. If this endpoint is created for an Internet-facing application, it might receive sensitive data over the HTTP channel. You should secure this endpoint.

Enabling the Exception Stack and Global Variables data collection sends application data to the monitored server. We recommend that you do not enable the data collection from Exception Stack and Global Variables unless the application is configured to use HTTPS protocol.

To improve the performance of your application, you might also want to adjust the sampling rate to control the performance impact of the monitoring on your application. Reducing the sampling rate reduces the application monitoring traffic and helps conserve server resources.

To change the sampling rate for client-side monitoring

  1. To open client-side properties for the application group that you want to reconfigure, in the Operations Manager console, in the navigation pane, click the Authoring button, expand Management Pack Templates, click .NET Application Performance Monitoring, right-click the application group that you want to want to reconfigure, and then select Properties.

    On the Properties page, click the Client-Side Defaults tab, and then click the Advanced Settings button.

  2. In the Sampling section, use the drop-down menu to select the percentage of incoming requests that you want to monitor. For example, if you select 50%, you will monitor 50 percent of the incoming requests. Select 25% and you will monitor 25 percent of the incoming requests, and so on. To get helpful information, you do not have to monitor all of the incoming requests.

  3. When you have set the sampling rate, click OK.