Operations Manager provides extensive reporting capabilities, including multiple report libraries that you can select from to customize reports for your specific requirements. Reports perform a query against the data warehouse database and return the results in an easy-to-read format.

Users must be a member of the Report Operators user role to view reports.


Reporting contains all reports installed with Operations Manager and reports included in management packs that you have imported.

The report library contains generic reports (for example, Availability and Configuration Changes reports). Generic reports have no specified context. The context for the report is defined in the parameter header, located at the top of the Report window.

For more information about using the reports library, see Using Reports in Operations Manager in the Operations Guide.

Authored Reports

Authored reports are based on existing reports from the report library. You configure a report with prepopulated parameters and then make it available to other users.

After you run a report, click File, and then click Publish to publish the report with the configured parameters to Authored Reports.

Favorite Reports

You can save configured reports to Favorite Reports to make them continually available to you and to save you the time of reconfiguring a report that you run frequently.

After you run a report, click File, and then click Save to favorites to save the report.

Scheduled Reports

You can schedule configured reports to run on a one-time or recurring basis.

After you run a report, click File, and then click Schedule to configure the report subscription. For more information, see Scheduling Reports in the Operations Guide.

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