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Opalis Integration Server Deployment Manager > Deploying and Uninstalling Action Servers > Uninstalling an Action Server

Uninstalling an Action Server
The Deployment Manager enables you to uninstall Action Servers. When you uninstall an Action Server, it does not remove the Integration Packs, Hotfixes, or product upgrades for that Action Server. To remove these items, see Unregistering Integration Packs or Hotfixes for instructions.
To uninstall an Action Server:
From the Management Server drop-down list, select the Management Server that you want to uninstall an Action Server from.
In the Management Server pane (on the left side), expand the Management Server item until the Action Servers item is visible and expand it.
Right-click the Action Server item and select Uninstall Action Server. The Confirm Action Server uninstall prompt appears.
Click OK. The Action Server is uninstalled.

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