Identifying the owner of an FTP or Web site by using XML

Use the QuerySiteOwner procedure query the IIS Resource Manager and return the identity of the owner of a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site or Web site.

This procedure impersonates the Microsoft Provisioning Framework (MPF) service account for calls to the Resource Manager database, and as the call when translating names from the globally unique identifier (GUID) to the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) path.

Example of a request that calls the QuerySiteOwner procedure

   <execute namespace="IIS Resource Manager" procedure="QuerySiteOwner" >
	 <after source="executeData" destination="data" mode="merge"/>

Input for QuerySiteOwner

The following input is valid for this request:

Typical response for QuerySiteOwner

This request returns the GUID and LDAP path of the owner of the Web or FTP site.