Allocating IIS resources for a Web site by using XML

Use the BeginAllocateWebSite procedure of the IIS Resource Manager namespace to allocate initial resources for a Web site. This is the primary procedure callers use to allocate resources for creating each new Web site.

This procedure runs as the Microsoft Provisioning Framework service account for calls to the Resource Manager database, and it impersonates the caller when creating directories and when creating and setting Web and FTP site permissions.

Example of a request that calls the BeginAllocateWebSite procedure

   <execute namespace="IIS Resource Manager" procedure="BeginAllocateWebSite">
	 <after source="executeData" destination="data" destinationPath="BeginAlloc" mode="merge" />

Input for BeginAllocateWebSite

The following input is valid for this request:

Typical response for BeginAllocateWebSite

This procedure returns the computer name where allocation was made and where the Web or FTP site should be created. The response also contains the root physical directory path (not UNC path) that should be used when creating a physical directory for the Web or FTP site.