Identifying the Exchange resources of an organization by using XML

Use the QueryResourcesByOrganization procedure of the IIS Resource Manager namespace to return all of the Exchange resources in use by a specific owning organization.

This procedure expects to be called with impersonate="1". The procedure impersonates the caller.

Example of a request that calls the QueryResourcesByOrganization procedure

   <execute namespace="Exchange Resource Manager" procedure="QueryResourcesByOrganization">
	 <after source="executeData" destination="data"/>

Input for QueryResourcesByOrganization

The following input is valid for this request:

Typical response for QueryResourcesByOrganization

This request returns a list of the GUIDs and server names for all public stores and mail stores in the specified organization and indicates (in the <shared> element) whether the store is shared by multiple organizations (a value of 1) or owned by a single organization (a value of 0). In addition, this request returns the available (free) and allocated disk volume space for all of these public and mail stores.

   <organization> LDAP://ou=Reseller,ou=Hosting,dc=contoso,dc=com </organization>
	 <mailStoreName>Mailbox Store (CONTOSO1)</mailStoreName>
	 <publicStoreName>Public Folder Store (CONTOSO1)</publicStoreName>