Obtaining a list of credentials by using XML

You can use the GetCredentials procedure of the MPF Config namespace to obtain a list of all credentials available for executing procedures in Microsoft Provisioning Framework (MPF). Each defined credential is available for use in the Execute as property of any MPF procedure. This means that it is also available for use in the SetExecuteAs procedure of the MPF Config namespace. No rollback support is provided for this procedure.

This procedure expects to be called with impersonate="1". The procedure impersonates the caller.

Example of a request that calls the GetCredentials procedure

	<execute namespace="MPF Config" procedure="GetCredentials" impersonate="1">
	<after source="executeData" destination="data" />

Input for GetCredentials

This request does not use any required or optional input.

Typical response for GetCredentials

This procedure returns a list of all credentials that are available for use in MPF. The id attribute is an index into the credentials table.

	<credential domain="contoso01" username="MPSPrivilegedAcct" 
		user="contoso01\MPSPrivilegedAcct" id="1" 
		path="LDAP://CN=MPSPrivilegedAcct,CN=Users,DC=contoso01,DC=com" />