Using XML requests to provision and administer services

Microsoft Provisioning System includes Delegated Administration Console, an extensible user interface (UI) that supports the provisioning of Web services. You might prefer to develop your own UI, or you might have other requirements that preclude the use of Delegated Administration Console. If so, you can still use the other components of Microsoft Provisioning System, including Microsoft Provisioning Framework and the additional namespaces available with Microsoft Provisioning System, to submit and process provisioning requests.

This section explains how to directly submit XML requests to namespaces. The main focus is to provide an alternative to submitting requests through Delegated Administration Console. Therefore, the namespaces covered here are limited to those that are invoked by Delegated Administration Console. All primary procedures of these namespaces are documented, including those that Delegated Administration Console might not support in its initial configuration. Private helper procedures, which are the procedures that contain an underscore as the last character of the procedure name, are not documented here.


This section covers: