Building on the security capabilities of Microsoft Provisioning Framework

In Microsoft Provisioning Framework (MPF), you can manage security at several levels. This includes:

Although the security features and functionality of MPF provide an excellent foundation for securing your provisioning components, the default configuration is not suitable for most organizations. The features must be properly configured to provide the most appropriate security for your system.

If you are implementing MPF, but not the non-provider namespaces available in Microsoft Provisioning System or Delegated Administration Console, you must decide on the configuration required to implement your custom interface to MPF. One to determine which security configurations are appropriate is to install the non-provider namespaces and Delegated Administration Console in a test environment first. You can then examine and test how security is implemented. Because these components implement security configurations that are intended more for the hosting environment than the basic MPF configuration, understanding how Delegated Administration Console is configured can help you configure security features for your custom deployment.

For more information how security is implemented in MPF, see Security in Microsoft Provisioning Framework. For more information on how Delegated Administration Console and the related Microsoft Provisioning System namespaces implement security, see Security in Delegated Administration Console.