Monitoring security

It is important to maintain the security of your provisioning system. This requires ongoing tracking, evaluation, and response to security policies, practices, and activities. It also requires the monitoring of audit logs, event logs, and any custom security tracking and response notification results that you use in your environment.

You can configure the Microsoft Provisioning Framework (MPF) audit log to implement the appropriate level of transaction logging detail for your deployment. For more information on the audit log and how to use it, see Audit log and Administering the audit log in Provisioning Manager Help. You can view the MPF audit log from Delegated Administration Console. For more information, see Understanding how to administer Delegated Administration Console.

As part of your Windows 2000 Server security strategy, you should determine the level of auditing that is appropriate for your environment. Auditing should identify attacks, either successful or unsuccessful, that pose a threat to your network and any other resources you determine to be valuable as part of your risk assessment. You can enable auditing by using Group Policy at the site, domain, organizational unit, or local computer level. Every event that auditing generates appears in Event Viewer. You can define settings directly in Event Viewer or in Group Policy. For more information on securing Windows 2000 Server, including implementing auditing, see the Microsoft Web site (

To maintain security, you should also ensure that all components are kept current with the latest security patches and updates. For Microsoft components, you can find the latest security information and downloads at the Microsoft Web site(

For more information about security in Microsoft Provisioning System, see Security in Microsoft Provisioning Framework and Security in Delegated Administration Console. For more information on security planning for Microsoft Provisioning System, see Planning a secure deployment. For more information on security testing considerations in Microsoft Provisioning System, see Testing security. For more information on managing security, see Managing security.