Checklist: Rolling out Microsoft Provisioning System

This topic provides a checklist of tasks that will help you with your of rollout Microsoft Provisioning System.

Step Reference
Review background and technical information about Microsoft Provisioning System. Microsoft Provisioning System overview; Understanding Microsoft Provisioning System
Review best practices for deploying and using Microsoft Provisioning System. Best practices
Create deployment plans. Planning your deployment
Put the necessary resources in place: obtain required hardware and software; make sure you have qualified staff available to implement and maintain the deployment. System requirements
Set up a test lab. Setting up a test lab
Install and configure the software. Installing Microsoft Provisioning System
Implement security. Monitoring security
Test the installation: validate the software installation; test basic system functionality; test system security. Validating an installation; Performing system tests; Testing security
Perform pilot testing. Perform pilot testing with a subset of system users; make any needed adjustments before rolling out the system to all users.
On an ongoing basis, monitor system performance and availability; scale up the deployment as needed to adjust to increasing demand. Also, continuously monitor security. Scaling your deployment; Monitoring security