Creating a toolbar

You can create a toolbar for a Delegated Administration Console page by using a combination of XML and Active Server Pages (ASP).

The following example shows the XML code used to create a toolbar:

		<column cID="1" cType="2" cRolePri="0" cText="Manage Parent OU"
cHref="ManageOU.asp" cImgSrc="images/UpIcon.gif" cBitSettings="00000000" />
		<column cID="2" cType="1" cRolePri="0" cText="TreeView"
cHref="ViewAllNestedOrgs.asp" cImgSrc="images/TreePath.gif" cBitSettings="00000000" />
		<column cID="6" cType="1" cRolePri="0" cText="Search"
cHref="Search.asp" cLevelsDeep="" ImgSrc="images/Search1.gif"cBitSettings="00000000" /> 
		<column cID="6" cType="1" cRolePri="5000" cText="Dump Attribs"
cHref="DumpAttribs.asp" cImgSrc="" cBitSettings="00000000" />
		<column cID="6" cType="1" cRolePri="5000" cText="View ACL"cHref="ViewACL.asp"
cImgSrc="" cBitSettings="00000000" AppliesTo="hosting" notAppliesTo="domain" />


This section provides definitions of the elements shown in the previous example.

toolbar: Defines the toolbar elements.

column: Represents an element of the toolbar.

The following example shows the ASP code used to create a toolbar:

'  Call the function that will write the title to the title bar and also
'  create the Toolbar with the information found in the xml doc passed in.
'  The location of the xml doc is: /Lib/Loc/UITemplates/
Call WAT_ToolBar_Build("manageUser.xml")