Adding a display field

You can add a new display field to an existing Delegated Administration Console page by editing its associated XML file. The following sequence of steps demonstrates how to add a new display field, Adspath, to the Manage User page in Delegated Administration Console.

  1. Open ManageUser.xml located in the Delegated Administration Console root folder in WebSite/html/Lib/Loc/UITemplates.
  2. Locate the XML control. Above this control, insert a new read-only control, called Adspath. In the following example, it is inserted above Username:
    <tabItem RolePri="0" displayName="Adspath" displayDesc="Object Adspath"
    provider="wat_activedirectory" prov_Source="user" prov_AttribName="adsPath"
    prov_Type="string" readOnly="True"/>
  4. Save your changes to the ManageUser.xml file.
  5. To update Delegated Administration Console Manage User page, click Refresh.