Modifying ASP to add information to a page

Delegated Administration Console Page Displaying Dynamic Content

Some of the information that you might want to include in the Delegated Administration Console user interface (UI) requires that you modify the Active Server Pages (ASP) code for the page.

In this graphic, the Users tab of the Manage Organization page is an example of an ASP page that does not use the UI framework dynamic page-generation capability. Instead, some ASP code is required to build the page.

The examples in this topic use the ManageOU.xml located in the following Delegated Administration Console installation location:

The following code used in ManageOU.xml to display the Users tab of the Manage Organization page:

			<tab tID="3" tType="1" tRolePri="0" pageType="1" tText="Users" tDesc="List
Users." tAction="WAT_UsersList" t tImgSrc="" cBitSettings="00000010" />

		Note: pagetype="1"

FThe following ASP code is used in ManageOU.asp to display the Users tab on the Manage Organization page:

		Select Case intTAB 
				Case 3 
						If WAT_MultiTab_CheckSecurityList(3) Then
						End If
		End Select
		End Function

		Function WAT_MultiTab_ShowUsers 

				Dim AdminIcon Dim tmpUserName 

				' Start the highlighted table. 

				' Add the columns that will be the headers for the table. 
				WAT_HighlightTable_AddColumn L_WAT_MANAGEOU_USERCOLUMNHEADER_Icon, "1%"   
				WAT_HighlightTable_AddColumn L_WAT_MANAGEOU_USERCOLUMNHEADER_Admin, "4%"
				WAT_HighlightTable_AddColumn L_WAT_MANAGEOU_USERCOLUMNHEADER_FirstName, "20%" 
				WAT_HighlightTable_AddColumn L_WAT_MANAGEOU_USERCOLUMNHEADER_LastName, "25%" 
				WAT_HighlightTable_AddColumn L_WAT_MANAGEOU_USERCOLUMNHEADER_Username, "25%"  
				WAT_HighlightTable_AddColumn L_WAT_MANAGEOU_USERCOLUMNHEADER_Email, "25%" 

				' All column information is now complete. Now, start adding in table cells.

				OrgInfo.Filter = Array("user") 
				For each objChild in OrgInfo 
				' Even though we have filtered for the ObjectClass of User, 
				' Computer Objects will still 
				' appear because Computer Objects are also of the ObjectClass User in the Schema. 
				If not isInArray(objChild.objectClass,"computer") then 
						If IsAdmin(objChild.memberOf) then 
								AdminIcon = "images/GreenCheck.gif" 
								AdminIcon = "" 
						End If

						If objChild.userPrincipalName = "" then 
								tmpUserName = objChild.samAccountName 
								tmpUserName = objChild.userPrincipalName 
						End If
						' Start the AddRow Process 

						' Add the cells for the row. 
						WAT_HighlightTable_AddRow_AddCell "", "", "images/User.gif", _
						"vbscript:manageUser('" & ReadyForScript(objChild.AdsPath) & "')"
						WAT_HighlightTable_AddRow_AddCell "", "", AdminIcon, "vbscript:manageUser('" & _
						ReadyForScript(objChild.AdsPath) & "')" 
						WAT_HighlightTable_AddRow_AddCell objChild.givenName , "", "", _
						"vbscript:manageUser('" & ReadyForScript(objChild.AdsPath) & "')" 
						WAT_HighlightTable_AddRow_AddCell, "", "", "vbscript:manageUser('" & _
						ReadyForScript(objChild.AdsPath) & "')" 
						WAT_HighlightTable_AddRow_AddCell tmpUserName, "ManageUser.asp?user_adspath=" & _ 
						objChild.adspath & "&adspath=" & adspath , "", "vbscript:manageUser('" & _ 
						ReadyForScript(objChild.AdsPath) & "')" 
						WAT_HighlightTable_AddRow_AddCell objChild.mail, "", "", "vbscript:manageUser('" _
						ReadyForScript(objChild.AdsPath) & "')" 

						' All cells for this row are complete 
				End If

				' Highlight Table is now fully complete

				' Now call the function that contains the client-side code that will actually do the 
				' highlighting when the mouse moves over the rows of the table.

		End Function