Checklist: Getting started with Delegated Administration Console

Service providers can use this checklist in preparation for using Delegated Administration Console to provision services to resellers and customers.

Step Reference
1. Review information about Delegated Administration Console, and read recommended reference material. Delegated Administration Console; Understanding Delegated Administration Console
2. Start Delegated Administration Console. To start Delegated Administration Console
3. Register resources. For more information, see "Register Exchange resources" and "Register IIS resources" in the installation documentation located in the root folder on the Microsoft Provisioning System product CD. For a single computer configuration, see install_single.htm. For a multi-computer configuration, see install_multi.htm.
4. Create users for your organization and assign administrative roles. To assign roles
5. Set up service plans to offer to resellers and customers. To configure plans and services
6. Set up reseller organizations. To set up a new reseller organization
7. Set up customer organizations. To set up a new customer organization
8. Set up services for reseller and customer organizations. To set up Exchange for an organization; To set up a Web site for an organization; To set up an FTP site for an organization