Who can perform this task?
  • Domain administrators
  • Service provider administrators
  • Service provider CSRs
  • Reseller administrators
  • Reseller CSRs
  • Organization administrators
  • Organization CSRs
  • End users

To start Delegated Administration Console

  1. In your browser address bar, type the following URL:
  2. http://Web_server_name/Web_console_virtual_directory/

    For Web_server_name, substitute the fully qualified domain name of the Web server running Delegated Administration Console; for example:


    For Web_console_virtual_directory, substitute the virtual directory specified for Delegated Administration Console, webadmin by default. If you are unsure of the URL to use, ask your system administrator.

  3. In the log on dialog box, in User Name, type your user name as follows:
  4. In Password, type your Delegated Administration Console password or domain administrator password, as appropriate, and then click OK.


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