Working with user accounts

In Delegated Administration Console, administrators can create Microsoft Active Directory user accounts. This enables users to log on to Delegated Administration Console and access the administrative options for which they have privileges. In addition, users must have user accounts before an administrator or customer service representative (CSR) can enable services for them, such as Exchange mailboxes.

A user account consists of a user name and password, which the user provides when logging on to Delegated Administration Console. A user account also includes other information, such as the user's first and last names and e-mail address.

The user name must be unique in the organization to which the user belongs. In addition, for security reasons, all passwords should be strong passwords. Microsoft recommends that passwords:



Administrators can add and delete user accounts, configure user account information, and enable services for a user. Organization CSRs can edit user account information. Users can edit some of their own information, such as their name, address, and telephone number.

For more information about Active Directory user accounts, see the Microsoft Windows 2000 Server product documentation at the Microsoft Web site(

For instructions on setting up a new user account, see To assign roles. For additional user administration procedures, see Delegated Administration Console Help.